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Technology Consulting

Assess the customer defined technology gap and assist by generating high end technical suggestions. Evaluate engineering solutions for accuracy and effectiveness.


Assist with the development of process and procedure in systems engineering, integration, testing, training, and sustainment.


Review and provide recommended changes in technical approach for federal contracting proposals. Review of performance issues and provide recommended engineering changes to resolve them.

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Business as a Service

Provide inventors and entrepreneurs with an existing place of business that provides employment, design, limited manufacturing and sales support so the idea owner can focus on getting the idea to a minimal viable product that can be mass produced and sold to a fixed and/or expanding customer base. 

The relationship between the inventor and i4 is built on an employment agreement and a service level agreement. This helps the inventor keep their stress levels down and focus more on product success than business management! 


Some inventors have no desire to run a business! They just need a trustworthy business and an honest earnings agreement!  

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Technology Training

Technology is ever changing! New products are released every day from multiple vendors and manufacturers.  Buyers of every industry require training on product deployment and interoperability with existing capabilities. i4 can also assist other organizations with building their technology roadmap and internal training requirements. Training includes everything from technology specific courses that serve as continuous educations units (CEU) for industry certification renewal to management training on successful technology employment, sales, and sustainment. 

Speak with the experts that can help everyone in your organization from general staff to executive management!


"Build A Product"Service 

Millions of inventors and entrepreneurs are holding on to ideas that can change the world. They are often stuck between not wanting to start their own business and not wanting to give their idea away. i4 will make sure that you know your options and find a solution right for you as an employee or owner.


When completing the app, do not include anything overly descriptive about your idea. This is just the process for you to be considered for further discussions and assistance. 

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Seminar and Public Speaking

Business oriented topics designed to assist military members transitioning from military to the commercial sector, prepare students for college, and motivation for local entrepreneurs. 


Irregardless of topic, each program will be designed to be engaging with the audience This helps all of them learn together and retain the discussed information. In some cases, this will be delivered information that is pushed by the speaker and in others, it is information provided by the attendees that compliment the learning process for all attendees. 


No group is too old or too young to be challenged with today's technology gaps!

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